British post-apocalypse television courtesy of Graham Nelson. Having blogged about Survivors I was looking for stuff on The Changes and pondering something about this genre of telly, when I came across this section of Graham’s largely-neglected website which does the job for me. It is more largely dedicated to John Christopher’s The Tripods and stuff relating to it.

This is not the first time that Mr Nelson has “been there first”. He is a revoltingly talented (and modest) man whose childhood telly and computer obsessions have obviously matched mine, but there the comparisons sadly stop. He is better known in the sub-culture of Interactive Fiction as a GOD: he not only wrote and gave-away free the Inform language and “library” to create IF games, he also wrote some of the better games with it, and essays about the “art” of IF and a hugely erudite manual for Inform that the IF community print on a demand basis. In addition to this he is a published Poet (I’ve seen him in the Paris Quarterly once) and possesses some variety of Mathematics tenure at Oxford.