Driving in Unfamiliar London Considered as a Chart-Topping Computer Game: I haven’t done it in an age, I realised, but the housewarming (excellent party for a nice flat: thanks for inviting me guys!!) was far far across town (in the wild south, in fact) and so I borrowed my sister’s car and, hmmm, there’s a whole bunch of skills involved, aren’t there? Remembering the route you pre-planned – the pre-plan of course inc.inituiting where roadworks and traffic bottlenecks and navigable un-bumped rat-runs and petrol stations will be, not to mention where elaborately baffling new one-way systems have suddenly sprouted up. Reading street names (or the A-Z) while yr driving (esp. if it’s dark). Predicting the bonkers sideways lurches of fellow motorists. Navigating by the stars – or (same diff maybe) the Gherkin and Canary Wharf and Crystal Palace radiomast (left and right are next to useless: you need a cast-iron sense of north-south and east-west). I’m sure with-it young programmers could add hilarious extra perils (car-jacking, inebriated pinheads, road-rage events, bizarre or sexy pavement-incident distractions).