But Tom, what of the PIRATE ZOMBIE MONKEY? I neither am at a grate barbequeue as I am being a goth and avoiding crowds and going outside in the heat. Instead I am here to comment that the LADIES from 24 are completely interchangable with the GURLS from Hollyoaks. Quite frankly, just turning on to a final repeat of the The Hour before The Final Hour, I’m still convinced that Jack’s k-annoying daughter is called Izzy and might be disappearing off to Australia.

Having not really followed this season of 24, I seem to be repeating my viewing habits re: last season. Barely watching at all until the last hour and then getting quite excited about the last episode. Has the BBC finally managed to make an advert that really creates suspense? Am I believing the hype? Who is the blonde lady who threatens IzzyJack’s Annoying Daughterface? She looks GRATE but I’ve not seen any of her in the few episodes I’ve seen. I hope she wins. That’s one in the eye for Jim Robinson!