New Evanescence single: debut airing on the American Teen Awards 2003. It’s really not fair to keep us watching with the promise of a new album from x-Nysync star JC Chasez but instead give us the black clad American equivalent of the Cranberries. The new single doesn’t even have a funny bit with $fatbloke attempting a rap. And instead of the amusing CHUGGA! CHUGGA! geetars from Bring Me Back To Life we get more of a turgid sludge. Thank goodness that American Teen Awards 2003 featured no real actual teenagers in the audience else there mighta been a riot. That would have been fun actually. Nevertheless, Evanescence still get a point from me as $fatbloke wore a “I [heart] Alyssa Milano” t-shirt.

And we do, don’t we?

I can’t remember what the single was actually called. No hooks. A very bad idea in these pirate obsessed times.