Son of Mandelbrot Four bytes went missing off the end of the listing for “Son of Mandelbrot”. The article appeared in the January 1990 edition of “Your Sinclair” (neé Spectrum) and has only just reached the attention of “AH Trewartha” who submitted the article.

As shown here the listing will only give you 2 “shades” (white and 50% grey) of your mandelbrot set. you need to add the following bytes on the end:

03 01 03 03

to give you the other two shades (75% and 100%) which justifies having “shades” at all really.

Dear Your Sinclair, WHERE IS MY CASH?? Also, a screenshot would have made the article a bit nicer, made the poor reader typing it in realise the listing was faulty, and filled up the page to boot! (i.e. rather than complaining my BASIC wrapper was a “bit crap”.)

On the other hand I had to disassemble the code in order to work out what had gone wrong, and as that’s my idea of fun: well done you.