strawberry apple sauce‘Strawberry applesauce’ (APPLE SAUCE IS TWO WORDS) was mentioned by Pete in my previous post about the BK Stacker Quad burgz0r, but I refused to believe it. However, further googling confirms that yes – not only does Strawberry Flavour Apple Sauce exist, but it’s marketed as a HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO FRIES in Kids Meals! What on God’s Green Earth were they imbibing in the boardroom that day?

1/ Apple sauce tasting like strawberries?! We’re not fooled that it’s even BETTER for you if there are TWO fruits in the title!

2/ Apple sauce tasting like strawberries to go with a BABY CHEESEBURGER or CHICKEN NUGGETS?? Strawberries do… just… not… GO!!

I mean, it’s not like “banana chocolate” flavour, because I can actually imagine bananas being NICE with some chocolate, more like “fillet o fish with banana flavoured blackberry crunchy squirty cheese strings”.

The eleventh GRILLION seal must have opened by now….