ok so beyond-the-veil action continues apace…

i. the most recent agency carer — sensible by day, “sensitive” by night, w.tall tales akimbo — detected a “presence” (ie the kid’s room door, which doesn’t close properly, kept swinging open, and the room felt cold and clammy: which it has ALWAYS done, as there is no heating in their and a lot of damp) (haha IT WAS THE 70s when we were children! DAMP WAS LUXURY in those days…)
ii. every time becky and i have been home together working on a SOCIAL PROJECT (viz xmas, dad’s birthday), “someone” has been active making sure the preparations are not entirely smooth ie fridge breaking down, drains backing up, packet of sausage meat vanishing for three days and being found in plain view on a kitchen chair etc
iii. we told the carer “No, the house is in no way haunted” but then realised we were also endlessly joking about how every non-smoothness was a prank played by mum to keep us on our mettle — “er er it’s not haunting when we don’t mind!” we said, and the carer gave us a GENUINE OLD-FASHIONED LOOK!
iv. Dr Vick sleepin in the sitting room was visited by a strange pulsating light! I think this wz probbly car headlights from the Forton road, which at one point shine straight into the room from some distance — but she sez the curtains were closed (but i bet the ones behind the piano weren’t cz they never are). Anyway iot didn’t say “GETT OUTT” so she said “Hello!” and turned over and went straight back to sleep.