Spicy thai rice and egg soup with pork Just a recipe. For 2 hungry people.

Having written this out I think it’s one of those recipes that’s easier to do than to describe. This seemed like an absolute dream to make, and the result was a treat. Very more-ish, very filling, and it lends you a warm spicy glow of satisfaction.

Cut the skin off two chops-worth of pork loin. Smear chilli paste on the pork, score the fat so it’ll make nice chunks of crackling. Lay the fat back on the pork and roast for 45 mins at 200°C. (I also put the fat back in for another 15 minutes while the meat rested.)

While that’s roasting finely chop up 3 red chillis and 3 spring onions.

Get a pint or so of stock (I used chicken stock cubes), stir in a chunky spoonful of red curry paste and a teaspoon of shrimp paste, wait til it boils then add the rice and leave it simmering with no lid. How much rice? Well, use some less than a standard serving of rice per person, and just keep in mind that the more you add the thicker the soup will be OBViously.

With a few minutes left before the rice fully cooks you should have something getting on for gloopy. Crack in a couple of eggs. Wait til the white starts to form then break the yolks to spread the egg out in strands through the soup. Let the egg cook properly for a minute more, add the chillis and spring onion and stir through the soup.

Thinly slice the pork. Ladle/splott out the soup into bowls and dump pork on top, with any left over chilli/onion sprinkled on top.

Important Ingredients
Shrimp paste – key to the taste. Nasty smelly brown stuff, lasts for months. Num num.
Chilli paste – to roast the meat in. I’m sure you could smear it in any number of tasty things.
Thai red curry paste – making your own is mentalism. (I did it once. Fun, but really, who can be arsed?)
Chillis / spring onion / eggs / stock / meat