If science is the new punk rock then I think the Dana Centre wants to be the 100 Club. I have not been yet, but they seem to be trying awfully hard to be intelligent, fun AND grown-up. This seems to work on the basis that controversy is the best way of getting bums on seats, so tonight we have a lecture on The Difference Between Human Races.

I think Freakytrigger may be sending a delegation to the potentially quite embarassing Punk Science, but the stress on how grown up everything will be might be a step beyond just fart gags. It might mean more swearing. I suppose the Dana Centre fancies itself as the ICA of the science world, which means the best way of judging it might be to actually have a pint there. I think the name of the place is promising, it is strange that they have not appended as a tagline to their publicity the following: “The Dana Centre: A place to find out about all kinds of everything”.