The publog may well be seeking submissions for a British version of Not Fooling Anybody. A fun, if somewhat culturally specific, site cataloguing rather poor makeovers of previous corporate-branded shops and restaurants. Much of the fun has been taken out by not really understanding Dairy Queen’s or even Taco Bells architectural uniformity (or even purpose).

In the UK a similar thing happens, but it is often the corporte makeovers of previously distinctive buildings that are more stand-out. Basically I mean McDonald’s that used to be pubs. There is one in my hometown of Borehamwood, what was in my youth the rather imposing Red Lion, is now a McD drive-thru. The saddest thing is the history of The Red Lion, it being the pub that MGM stars would wander down to after a hard day of filming Ivanhoe or 2001. Apparantly Stewart Granger liked a jar or two there with Robert Taylor.

Anothe fine example is on the Headington Roundabout, on the Oxford ring road. It would be fine if they still served beer. Or even root beer.