I did not see The Sweetest Thing when it came out summer 2002 (I might have been on holiday that week, sorry). Warned off by poor reviews I assumed it was a sub Farrelly Brothers gross out comedy. Whilst I would not go as far as the film-makers in that it invents a whole new genre of sex comedy from the female perspective, it certainly is not as bad as I had been led to believe. Much more importantly, the women who I have seen it with have laughed like drains. Perhaps the predominantly male film reviewers were dismayed that women can apparently be as wanton and depraved as men are in similar male oriented films. Sorry, that comes with the territory: I don’t think a more bawdy version of Sex In the City marks the decline of western civilisation. I am pretty sure that was Jammy Dodger McFlurry’s.

I have an extra reasoning for liking The Sweetest Thing, except for just being very in touch with my feminine side. The male object of adoration is a blonde called Peter. On such small things can a fondness for a film be established.