Matt tweeted this cheeky little fella a while ago as the worst drink ever:

Alcoholic Spring Water. Are we assuming that some clever account exec noticed that “people like to drink water?” “Water, its the beverage that goes with everything”. Imagine an extra tap in your house, Hot Cold, Bouzy. Move over Mariah Carey and your bath of Evian, I want to have a bath in DNA Alcoholic Spring Water.

Intriguing eh? Well not really, because surely something has to be done to mask the taste of the alcohol to then make the water taste like water. Anyway, this is a dead drink, which barely made it out of product testing, but luckily a brave man has tried it over on the Extinct Beverage site. Don’t get too excited, the words Stale Beer are used more than once!

But don’t stop there, for you stab at getting a crossover between Deoxyribonucleic Acid and alcohol. Recently to celebrate fifty years of DNA some scientists with little to do but think about drinking (ie most scientists) came up with the following cocktail to celebrate the event. Utilising Cambridge Strawberries, London Dry Gin and Pineapple Juice and Blue Curaco (which somehow represent the USA). Apparently there is a good reason for using pineapple juice.

And who doesn’t like a cocktail in a test tube? Its one of the few ways of knowing you are at a scientists party. Or been around the house of the ceaseless drinks inventors, the makers of SHOEYZ SHOTS, which are indeed sold in a test tube.