The AlkoholiKs – Only When I’m Drunk: A review by Alix

I liked this song in 2003 or sometime in the past when this list was compiled and I was mostly drunk. I do not look back on this period in my life with much fondness or pride (or clarity), and can only apologise to my friends and society in general for suggesting this track as part of the Top 100 Songs (I’m not even sure I did suggest this, almost certainly, I was drunk). This song, although catchy, features mostly puerile humour about drinking, which nowadays we know is neither big nor clever. The track also features least one instance of burping, which, in my opinion, is vulgar and has no place in popular music. I have yet to establish for certain what it is that the Alkaholiks do only when they’re drunk, but the lyrical evidence points towards calling their daddy a punk, something about a gun, vomiting and fucking an ugly b1tch, though not necessarily simultaneously. In their defence they do advocate against drink driving, and the bassline isn’t too bad.

But if Alix hasn’t put you off here it is:

Or even worse the CRAZY TOWN COVER:

And what a cover that Crazy Town album has!