1) Sorry for not updating you on the rhubarb crumble. In the end, a crumble was a bit of a faff, so I just stewed the rhubarb and then decanted into a mixture of glasses, topped with custard and then let set in the fridge. Nicely fatteningly refreshing. We still don’t have out new oven.

2) However we did have a message on our answerphone at 5:30pm on Saturday from our landlord who was in Curry’s at the time. Here is a transcript of the message
“Hi, this is Kevin, and I’m in Curry’s at the moment, with the assistant manager who is now going to explain to you why you still have not got a working oven.
(Change in voice, faltering, embarrassed sounding man)
“Hello. Hello (slight sound of relief, caught short by my landlord telling him that it was an answerphone). There was a mix up at the depot. The oven will not be delivered for another week. (Another pause, where my landlord can clearly be heard telling him to say sorry.) Sorry.”