1: Its open til 1am Monday – Wednesday, 2am the rest of the week.

2: It does White Russians for £3.50. Most other cocktails are £4.00.

3: It has a free sequential jukebox.

4: They are adding two karaoke boxes to the venue as we speak.

5: The food is good. And £10 for dinner and a game of bowling is not bad at all.

6: Darts, pool, OutRun and Mortal Combat.

7: Draft lagers include BitBurger (Germany), Bernard Pilsner (Czech) and Bloomsbury Lager (the source of which is apparently, and tantilisingly UNKNOWN)

8: They do a hot dog for £1.25 which is only fifteen pence more than IKEA.

9: Its in Tavistock Square in the heart of London’s Literary Bloomsbury and underneath a hotel so there are always whacked our American kids in there.

10: The bottled beers include beers from Vietnam (Hue), Estonia, Peru and Argentina. Oh and Yorkshire – that’s the bottle conditioned ale.

11: Its a bowling alley! In the middle of town! That used to be a carpark! What’s not to love?