There was actually another pub in between the Elgin and the Earl Percy but the consensus, shared it seems by Fancyapint’s lack of listing, is it was a bit rough. This may seem laughable seeing what is coming up, but we also felt an extra bit of walking might distance us from Snow Patrol.

No such luck. We made it to the Earl Percy and Run was still on. A veritable Telegraph Road for a new generation, we moaned, and got a look. Indeed all the time we were in the generally okay Earl Percy we were subjected to “looks” from the old bloke on his own on the table next to us. Live 8 was on a small TV, pretty quiet and this old giffer was having none of it. He was also having none of our dissection of Live 8 either. Indeed if one was to sum up his character, having none of it would be enough.

The Percy itself is a slightly shabby bouzer in a few segments, notable for its very small door between two bars. The Killers got to do their one song, and then we had a little discussion about the relative merits of the Scissor Sisters. The giffer however was having none of it, so we left.

PUB 8 RATING: 4 (served us beer, had a TV on, but we were having none of it).