Still apparently walking away from Ladbroke Grove, we were urged to swing around The Prince Of Wales. And that was much more like it. Oh the pub itself still had delusions, but made up for it by actually having some grandeur as well. Very friendly bar staff, very well presented and good selection of interesting beers. And a little TV at a good volume allowed us to see the first of our experience of Live 8. This turned out to be poor interviews by Jo “Withered Hand” Wiley, and a poorly timed round the world round up, including, live from Moscow: Moral Code!!! (This soon turned into the days number one in-joke, you had to be there, etc etc).

The pub had a nice looking garden which was about to close on us, and the project was almost scuppered by the pubs niceness. Put it like this, if the BBC had not have cruelly cut off Fat-Duran-Duran’s Ordinary World and replaced it with Razorlight, Pub 8 may have become Pub 2.

PUB 8 RATING: 9/10. (Good beer, comfy and they did not bat an eyelid when we finished off Ordinary World over Razorshite-more-like.)