And more gravy queries too. Monday night, site of my Pillars Of Hercules all nighter, was also the site of pie action. In particular, blackboarded up, were a selection of ten different pies for ‘4.95, all coming with chips and veg. Was not bad value, the pie Meg got seemed nicely full, and the shortcrust pastry looked nicely old-school. Without drifting into the “what is a pie” discussion, I am always disappointed when I get a ceramic bowl with a puff pastry lid. I want the pastry gravy combo when I eat a pie. And the PoH seemed to deliver.

Except, Meg had a Fisherman’s Pie. Now again avoiding the “pie” discussion (where a fisherman’s pie would have a mashed potato top) it was somewhat bizarre to see this served with gravy. Nice for the chips of course, and crisp dippas, but it did seem a bit odd. I wondered briefly what they did with the vegetarian pies, including an intriguing ratatouille pie. I hope they ask at the counter.

Mind you is fishy liquor (aka parsley sauce) is acceptable with a meat pie*, there is no reason why meat gravy should not get its own back on the fish pie.

*Its acceptability generally rests on how much you like Pie and Mash shops.