DOUBLE DECKER PIE: The increased popularity of dim sum over the years is nothing to be sniffed at. The lovely layers of steamed dumplings delivered to your table, the confusion when your “four delicacies” turns out to mean “four custard dumplings” – it’s all gravy. But how do we encourage the trends towards traditional British cooking? The publog, surely, has already addressed British tapas. But what about British dim sum? And when I talk of British dim sum, I mean, the double decker pie!

Basically this will involve a real actual pie with a thick, meaty, gravy saturated filling forming the base of the pile. A hole to let the steam escape from aforesaid pie will be present in the traditional place, and possibly a few other vents in strategic positions. On TOP of this pie, you will place ANOTHER pie – this time, a lighter vegetable pie – where the vegetables will be gently steamed through the heat of the UNDER-PIE!!

Think of the variations! Perhaps instead of vegetables you could have fish, which would open up the books for a TRIPLE-DECKER PIE!! And perhaps a sweet pie on top!! A QUADRO-DECKER PIE!! I officially claim copyright on this right now and shall be dashing off to the patent-office post-haste.

Mmm pie!