Wifebeater. Another name for Stella Artois. It seems to be a truth held universal that Stella Artois makes you an aggressive drunk. It is after all a strong lager. But I believe I have had nights out drinking Kronenburg, an equally strong lager, and not been quite as aggressive. No such similar nickname is proffered for Grolsch. So what is it about Stella than makes you aggressive.

Ditto, Gin = melancholia. Rum = fun. Absinthe = swift spiral into mental illness. The question being put is simple. Sure, we know alcohol gets you drunk. But are there other active ingredients (say the botanicals in gin) which alter kind of drunk you get?

And so to my grand publog project. Over the next few months I shall get drunk on different drinks exclusively for one night only. Hopefully others may join me in this, and hopefully at the end of the evening both those drinking, and those being drunk with, may be able to categorize the kind of drunk I get. I may even just try to change the mixer (for instance I have a suspicion that tonic water may well have psychoactive properties). Hopefully this shall build up to an invaluable piece of research, and we might even get some graphs out of it – like in proper science.

For too long has this key piece of social and beverage science been neglected. I am willing to help put that right. Starting tomorrow night, in the Blue Posts Newman Street, with him out of the box, and into my tummy, Ayingerbrau.