wive$watch (us style):

i. on first ep showing “desperate housewives” cd just as be called “stepford husbands”
ii. picket-fence lynchism has become a viably mainstream US TV trope
iii. i nearly didn’t bother as i caught a bit of the preview on richard&judy, courtesy a trio of yucky newspaper journalists and columnists (inc.the business editor of the daily express??!!), who were lovin it in a “normally you wouldn’t catch me dead/so bad it’s grebt” kinda way which annoyed me (one of em wz v.feltz)
iv. howver, chick TV for foax who don’t really like chick TV, surely? (cf ii., esp. the “sinister goings-on lead to suicide” sub-plot, the opening device – NO SPOILERS! – a charming if softcore version of the severed ear on the lawn) v. also i somewhat detect early warnings of “six feet under” syndrome (throbs of self over-esteem in the writing: “hoho we are so clever and deep to be tackling Subject X etc”).

Do You See