Saturday morning’s “Ever Wondered About…” regularly features the same chilled soundtrack of Lemon Jelly and Zero 7 (even now), but when they kick in to their “here’s the culture” montage, it turns over to tunes from “i typed in the theme to our music database”. So obviously this past weekend when they did “Sushi” we got the tasteful mix of:

  • Daphne & Celeste “We Love Your Sushi”
  • Aneka “Japanese Boy”
  • Vapours “Turning Japanese”
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence”
  • Alphaville “Big in Japan”
  • Pizzicato Five “Twiggy v James Bond”

Now (for my sins) I love all these tunes but was a little bemused at the appropriateness of music from a film about the inhumane conditions of a Japanese POW camp (leave alone a song largely thought to be about masturbation). I was thinking if you’re going to put your foot in your mouth, why not just jump in all the way with OMD’s “Enola Gay”?