What are the limits of dramatic license when editing together yr footage in a documentary abt animals? In Natural World (Sunday 30 November, 6.25pm BBC2), “Monkey Prince” told the glum tale of Bobo, an existentially tormented fellow with a comical haircut and BIG SAD EYES who was banished by his tribe for some crime I didn’t turn on early enough to catch. For the story to be an accurate, verit’ account – at least of the scenes I saw – the crew wd have needed about 20 camera crews stationed all over the cliff-face in question, without in the slightest contributing to the story. I suspect it was entirely made up, cut together in the studio to fabulate a fairytale. Whenever you watch the epic TV tale of a little ladybird, say, think to yourself, is that the SAME ladybird as I just saw in the last shot? How on earth would I know different?