Since the publog food of the day is celery, I feel I should give a brief mention to celery in its finest possible form, as experienced by various publoggers on our Big Outing To Brussels earlier this year. Here is the recipe:

1. Install yourself in a fine Brussels bar and drink rather more than seems sensible (we chose the marvellous bar brun Le Mort Subite which worked perfectly)
2. Peruse the menu and decide that as part of your next round you would like to eat the menu item which is listed simply as ‘Cheese’.
3. Order Cheese
4. Marvel as a plateful of diced hard(ish) cheese is delivered to your table along with a number of cocktail sticks and a little pot of celery salt.
5. Eat the cheese having dipped it in the celery salt and wonder whether you are committing some kind of faux pas
6. Talk about how this is a better pub snack than crisps.
7. Repeat to taste (or fade).