One of the best reasons to go to a barbeque is not so much the food, as the eclectic selection of sauces, chutneys and relishes that people have in their cupboards. This weekend at a Dulwich barbiel I had the tastiest hot sauce I have ever smeared over a charcoaled chicken. Bajun Hot Sauce with Cucumber – which I now can find no reference of on the interweb. Friends Ant & Nish brought this firey little devil back from Barbados which is now running up my list of must got to for culinary reasons places.

The sauce. Bright yellow, mustard based with hints of scotch bonnet and gherkin (I assume that was the cucumber). A bottle of this stuff would not last long round my house.

UPDATE: Other barbequers suggest that it was Bajan – not Bajun – and this does have plenty of saucey links – though none to the cucumber hot sauce. Still for your enjoyment I’m sure these are just as zingy.