Hotter Than July? Hey, its a short piece on the ker-azee weather we’ve been having – but actually I rather appreciated the open fire being on in the Yorkshire Grey (Latham Street) last night. It dried me off no end. But I suppose a question has be leveled to a pub which feels it needs to have its fire on in July – even if it is has been a pretty ropey July so far. Other questions to ask the Grey – which is in all other ways a standard-to-good Sam Smith’s boozer – is what is the idea behind the “funny e-mails” above the bar. I suppose they are distracting while you wait for an order – but the staff are so quick there isn’t much of a waste. I’m not sure if I want to be in Readers Digest mode when I am in the pub, I am likely to tell enough bad jokes and stories as it is.