Behind the 8-ball This research is fascinating but it isn’t the only report that SIRC have published on pub life. The seminal work Conflict and Violence in Pubs has some interesting comments on how to design pubs to avoid trouble between the customers.

A key finding was that 20% of all violent incidents related to confrontations around pool tables. Three reasons are given for this:

– pool is played by 18-25 year olds, the group most likely to be involved in a fracas
– pool tables provide a ongoing source of arguments (turn-taking, cheating etc)
– the tables also provide a source of weapons (balls, cues, erm chalk) which could lead to an escalation of events.

Apparently, conflict is also more likely in pubs where the decor is predominantly red or reddish (although the authors think the importance of this factor has been exagerrated in the past).

Right, I’m just off to The Red Cow for a pint, a game of pool and a RUMBLE.