Last one in the pub is a rotten egg I would maintain that, under normal circumstances, it is rather good to be the last person in a group of mates to arrive in the pub. Although you might be asked to buy a round, it is generally worth it. People are pleased to see you; because you have only just arrived and others are already quite merry, you are made a fuss of. “Hi”, “So where have you been?”, “What’s going on?”, “What do you think of this?” and so on. Also, because you are not as drunk and your brain/mouth coordination is better, you are likely to come out on top in conversation.

An exception to this rule is when you are meeting people who have spent five hours supping wheat beer and Gambrinus. When you arrive, they will be extremely lairy and will pounce upon you with witticisms (i.e. shouting) and jibes (i.e. more shouting) because, in their eyes, you are a sober, tardy KILLJOY. Your only course of action is to drink until 3.00am or until someone else is sick, whichever is sooner.

An aside: If your Czech is OK, take a look at the Gambrinus website. Click on this, then hit CIHLICKY for a rather groovy Arkanoid-style javagame.