That Entertainment Weekly Review In Full: (from cover date Friday 27 April)

Music writing labeled “brainy” is often dismissed as boring or irrelevant, but the B-word is the not-so-secret ingredient that makes Freaky Trigger — an ultrasmart fanzine about pop music — so irresistible. Weekly features plus reviews and older stories represent a fair mix of crowd-pleasing ditties (Top 40 radio standbys like Shaggy) and esoteric hipster raves (college-radio staples like Jim O’Rourke). Nearly everyone can appreciate FT’s meditations on ’80s music or the fantasy pop league (where rock stars are awarded points for their oh-so-rockin’ behavior). A-
Must-Visit: (url for I Love Music) Approach this message board with caution: Threads include “Do We Really Need A Post-Punk Canon?” Uh, yes.

Freaky Trigger’s publisher sez: pity we stopped doing the Fantasy Pop League, eh? I’m rather pleased with this. Thanks to Spy Kids (Philadelphia Division) for the alert and copy-up.