Personal thoughts on the scratching merely from a Southerners perspective. The bags featured in the Guide To Pork Scratchings have not been sighted south of the Watford Gap (with the possible exception of Butchers’ Choice, which I fear is a non-brand much like Happy Shopper). The scratching, as shown by this site though, has always been the territory of companies that appear to make nothing else. Now I am not sure if this is sound financial practice. Whilst I am partial to the crunch buggers, especially if the innards are fluffy, I don’t see them racing off the shelves – or the cardboard racks. The profits on London wide scratching sales would probably feed a family of five in my estimation.

And of course, that family would have no need of food, what with them already making the PS. No, what has recently disturbed me the most is the existance of KP Pork Crackling. This is far too large a brand to be entering the market – and I think boycotts should be set up. Unless of course, you’re two pints in and feeling peckish.

RIght – off to the Fitzroy.