I should have seen this coming, but I don’t have anything for you this week. Well that’s not strictly true, I have a couple of tracks, but I’m going to skip one and come back refreshed next week. Let’s say it’s to celebrate the final NOW poll (NOW 64) over on the Poptimists LJ community.

Sorry to do this. We’ve been doing very well over the last 9 weeks, with getting on for 100 downloads each week, plus who knows how many in-line plays. I’m not that faffed about knowing precise stats on subscribers, but it must be in the same region (we have over twice as many “unique IP” downloads of the feed). And I’ve really enjoyed getting back into hearing more music, in a way that radio and telly has failed to do. Particular faves over the 9/10 eps would be: Klaxons, Barbara Morgenstern, DJ Ozma, C0up D3 B0ule, Paris Hilton (not the new single, no) and Xina, which I heard first from getting involved in this.

But like I say, this is just a one week holiday, and in anticipation of further fallow weeks, I have a proposition prompted by the internet’s very own mitya/blue_russian:

Poptimism Means…
I’m looking for your “Poptimism Means…” sets. Rather than me collecting the new and the great from everyone, how about an 8–10 minute mix of tracks provided by just one person – a guest podcaster for the week, with their state of pop address. A poptimist manifesto. A DJ set 2.0.

Suggestions or volunteers in the comments please! I figure you could either provide me with mp3s, a playlist, or even a 10 minute pre-mixed file if you liked.

Normal service will be resumed next week, but remember: who goes in the podcast? YOU DECIDE

Files and suggestions as always to poptimism.podcast@googlemail.com