The mock-up of a Baby Bel being dropped. This did not actually happenSo its that time of year again when the enquiring minds of the FreakyTrigger collective turns to food. And not so much the eating of food, as the testing to destruction of. Yes it is time for the Second Annual Liz Daplyn Food Science Day. Provisionally set for the weekend of the 2nd/3rd September we are hoping this year not only to verify last years findings vis a vis the most aerodynamic fruit but do some brand new science of food. Heston Blumenthal’s we may not be, but we have enquiring minds and the only scientific equipment we have to hand is our kitchens.

This years events will include:
– Discovering which vegetable can be thrown the furthest
– The Cake Of Democracy
– Around The World With Diet Coke
– The bum-shaped fruit throw off
– Microwaving shiny food

But clearly as any serious scientific conference we are asking for ideas from you: the readers (and potentially lab assistants). So if there is anything you have every wanted to discover about food, then contact our team of gastroclinicians via the comments box and let science commence.

Here are some of last years experiments for an example. Note, we (rightly) include within the realms of science puns, plays on words, consumer journalism and wanton silliness.

Food Science Day: An Introduction and Dedication

1. Green Eggs (No Ham)

2. Can You Avocado Cake and Eat It?

3. The Experiment We Did Not Do

4. The Culinary Art of the Bad Pun part 1

5. The Feast Of Flying Fruit

6. Whipping Marmite til it goes white

7. The Truth About Pink Wine