In an attempt to help Tom out in his quest towards a Top Ten List I present that ever unreliable staple – The NME’s version. In this modern age of the NME not knowing who its constituency is, it is odd how old fashioned their Top 50 albums are. Not old fashioned in they sound like old records, or are even judged on the general idea of what an old fashioned NME reader liked. More that the list is exactly the same as any NME Top Fifty albums of the last ten years.

So here is a guide how to construct an NME Top Fifty records list.
a) There will be a new “scene” which you have championed this year. The two lead artists from this scene must be in your top ten. The cooler one preferably at Number One. (Check – The White Stripes & The Strokes at No.1).
b) Your top 5 will contain a randomly chosen rap album. Hopefully the best of the last year, just to keep street cred intact.
c) An album you think your readers like should be in the top five (Starsailor). And the rest of the albums you think they own fill up fifty percent of the next 50. (Hello Elbow, Pulp, Air)
d) Any album by any previous top five album maker will be in there (Bjork, Radiohead, Mercury Rev…)
e) Any album by Spiritualized will be in the top three.

Their top ten singles actually show more signs of a focus group type survival of the fittest bent. Because having both GURFO and Can’t Get You Out Of My Head as a top two is nothing other than revelatory. Compare and contrast with Smash Hits anyway.

Any help Tom?