Happy New Year to all those who occasionally rear their heads at the publog. Its January – which can only mean one thing – the pubs will be empty of those part time drinkers whose lack of knowledge of pub ettiquette make December that little bit harder to get through. So mines a pint of lager please.

But just a quick plea for publicans out there – put your heating on. Its a bit nippy and too many of the (unsurprisingly deserted) pubs between Christmas & New Year were letting in huge breezes from the door. Its nice to warm our cockles in front of an open fire, but make sure the rest of the room is adequately toastie too. And yes I do mean you – Sam Smiths pub owners. Cavernous pubs like The Chandos & The Olde Yorke are lovely things, but a pint of D Pils and goosebumps don’t mix.