Good Times Never Seemed So Good: A friendly suggestion – if things are looking bleak, and you can’t seem to do anything to perk yourself up, sing a Neil Diamond song. Doesn’t matter which one, though I would think that his best-known solo efforts (“Cracklin’ Rosie”, “America”, “Sweet Caroline”) would work best. Just sing – you already know the melodies by heart; the words are secondary. It’s the FEELING that matters. Just sing! Better than any over-the-counter option, and with less side effects! (You might gain a warped appreciation for Neil’s particular brand of inspirational songwriting, but it’s a small price to pay.)

Another sure pick-me-up – the cover to Neil’s Hot August Nights concert LP. See the pose. Strike the pose. The smile will last for hours. (Special thanks, of course, to the ILM posse for providing the original inspiration that ultimately lead to this silly li’l post.)