Inevitable – this would find itself here. So the Top 100 Number Singles in the UK list raises its ugly head. Its already drawn much criticism for its methodology on this very weblog, something that the articles and the television programme were not at pains to explain. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ at the top makes you heave a huge sigh of sorrow for the British people, especially those who read The Observer and watch Channel 4 (and if you were looking for a relatively elitist audience I might have suggested this as a demographic).

Anyway, look at the list then read Paul Morley’s measured take on it. He describes it as ‘stupid, strange, sad and exhilirating’ which is covering most bases – but I know what he means. He is also equally correct to say that disqualifying ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ (for being on the most hated list) renders the poll worthless.

The television programme accompanying it threw up a few interesting tidbits though. Who knew that Ian Dury ever went out with Jane Horrocks? The Bernard Sumner would eventually look worse than Peter Hook. But highlight of the show was when Bob Geldof recounted Bono’s initial reaction to the line “Tonight thank God its them, instead of you” in the Band Aid single. “Are you sure that’s what you mean?”, Bono asked. “Yes,” Bob said, “Just think about it.”
“I have thought about it,” Bono ominously replied.

As for what Jazzie B said – I believe Tanya may have something to say on that matter.