The Institute of Contemporary Arts: aka ICA. Its not a pub is it? Well, I guess not – but it has a bar which fulfils most of the pub pre-requisites in my book. It was salubrious, comfy and a good place for long ranting chats about arcane movies. oh – and it stays open til 1am – a definite bonus in this city.

So yes, the ICA was always on my list of favourite pubs. Now – I’m not so sure. The food hasn’t changed, infact its possibly improved. But the ICA seems to be undergoing some sort of imperceptible make-over, it does not feel finished though they do not appear to have done anything to it. The thin end of the wedge is the bar staff – too European to know the difference between a pint of beer and a bottle. And that beer choice has been slashed to rubbish old Stella – and no cooking option in site.

I still rather like the ICA, but it is dwindling in my favour at the moment.