Sacrebleu! Two follow-up albums? Although I guess the Christmas album could count for half, since it seems to be something of a rite of passage for any singer under the age of 17 or so.

There is that one stanza in “Bounce With Me” about Lil’ Bow Wow’s turning into a “baller” when he turns 16. Which made me think “ew” when i first heard it.There are other “when I grow up” parts in “Bounce With Me,” but that one, um, stuck out the most. At least there were no references to pockets being full-grown or anything like that.

Also of note: Aaron Carter’s first minor “hit” (which was more popular in Canada than anywhere else I noticed, although that might be due to my cable system’s carrying MuchMusic) was a cover of the Jets’ “Crush On You,” which works from both the sibling angle and the youngsters-singing-about-innocence angle. And the musical angle? Let’s be nice and say this: When I first heard/saw the video, I thought it was some sort of low-budget cable commercial for a promotion in some park.