did someone say jordy?: well, investigating a little further, i found that jordy recorded not one, but two more albums after the one that spawned his greatest, and only, hit: one was a christmas album, while details about the other album, entitled recreation, are sketchy at best. information on the web about jordy’s whereabouts are nonexistent: his name usually only comes up in connection to the aforementioned aaron carter.

two frightening things to consider:
1) according to a website, jordy achieved more success in the u.s. than he did in his native france.

2) somewhere, jordy, as there are varying reports of his age, is either a teen or on the cusp of teendom.

some other responses to maura’s post:
i don’t know if i’d necessarily call “bounce with me” a novelty hit. “awful,” would me more appropriate, but i give the kid credit for not playing up the fact that he is in fact a kid. aaron has that godawful “aaron’s party” song which is far more pandering than mr. wow’s track.

i will admit that i was immensely surprised to learn that ‘nsync sold so well in their first week out. however, i guess getting their “freedom” as it were did matter because the songs got better, relatively speaking. no matter who writes their songs, however, 98 degrees will never be able to shake off the feeling of “second-rate” that imbues everything they do. along with mandy moore and jessica simpson, they’re part of that dreaded second-tier of teenpop acts whose fame will never expand past trl.