menotyou is a new music/films/popculture site which promises an irreverent, well-written daily look at, well, much the same stuff the rest of us are looking at. Still, it looks very crisp, and reads that way too. It so far seems a lot clearer about what it doesn’t like than what it does, and sadly it’s pretty lazy in that respect: setting up teen pop, street rap, R & B, nu metal and commercial alt.pop as targets is like setting up five mile-wide barn doors in the world of indie rock. More good writers, hooray. More good writers with apparently the same tastes as everyone else, boo. But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? Have a look anyway, and don’t ignore the right-hand column, which so far is lower on attitude and higher on content than the main bit. (via indieshite, which – gasp! – liked it).