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Tanya’s Army Of Awfulness: Carcass – CORPORAL JIGSORE QUANDARY
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There are only two songs I could find that mentioned Corporals, and since my views on Pink Floyd seem adequately covered*, I would rather look at Carcass. Initially though I thought there would be little to say about the Napalm Death spin-off band wh[…]


Tanya’s Army Of Awfulness: PRIVATE DANCER
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“God help us if there is a war”, my father used to say looking at Top Of The Pops on television. I could no hear him of course, as I had my fingers in my ears to protect them from the Saville peddled filth, but I could lip read and did no[…]

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Friends of the busker men The View are in a spot of pickly bother, readers! They’ve lost their support band, The Horrors. I expect that the so-called Horrors realised what TRUE HORROR was after listening to the View soundcheck. Anyway, they&#82[…]

The Theme Tune To Dad’s Army
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“Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler” sings Bud Flanagan at the start of Dad’s Army. I think you’ll find that Herr Hitler was not “kidding” anyone, and was deadly serious about his attempted conquest of Euro[…]

Not With The Beatles
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Fifth Beatle Quits says BBC.
It won’t surprise you to know that I think most musicians are a bit dim. But even I have to admit that they’re usually cleverer than the people working for them.
“The man responsible for the Beatles&#821[…]

People Are Strange, Doors Fans Are Stranger aka What’s Up, Cock?
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Want proof? Here are a bunch of Doors fans seeking a pardon for Jim Morrison. Now if you ask me, there is absolutely no forgiveness availible for the heinous crimes committed by the so called Lizard King. Not only was their stoner rock lazy, lacksida[…]

IHM LYRIC WATCH: Elvis Costello April Fools Special
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Elvis Costello – clever name, clever guy, right? Or wrong? Let’s look at his 1992 track, aptly named “How To Be Dumb”:
Don’t you know how to be dumb?
Are you ready to take your place
In the modern museum of mistakes?

IHM Obvious Joke Watch: The Klaxons
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Klaxons n. 1. a device that makes an unpleasant repetitve noise, with the effect of clearing an area as quickly as possible.
2. that gadget the police use.[…]

IHM Lyrics Watch – The Klaxons
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Klaxon is a trademark for an electromechanical horn or alerting device… they alert listeners of the vehicle’s arrival and possible danger… derives from the Greek verb klazo, meaning “to shriek” – Wikipedia
I have disco[…]

IHM Lyrics Watch: The View – “Same Jeans”
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“I take my hat right off to the busker man”
There are two ways of viewing this lyric by unambitious bottom-feeders The View. (more…)[…]


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