I’ve only just noticed – and not because of the reason you might imagine. Possibly what that Tom Ewing fellow thought, I would be head down in an alcoholic stupor coming up only for alka-seltzer when he pulled this fast one. One day I return sluggishly to my computer and what do I see. Do You See?

I was momentarily shaken. Freaky Trigger has been the home of this admittedly lazy column for three years, and as star columnist surely I deserved a say in what was going on. A further delve uncovered something known as a brown wedge. I was aware of Pumpkin Publog before, I knew its proprietor was a bit of a skin flint when it came to the spirits based rounds. But all this was new to me. What has happened.

Then I read Tom’s intro. Does not mention the stirling work I have put in, but I got the gist. For all his saying that he was interested in other things only one throught resounded through me mind. Freaky Trigger used to have a subtitle. “We write about music”. Now it doesn’t.

Readers – I have won this battle. I see the hateful NYLPM is still around and while it is so will I be to batter and belittle musicians everywhere. But do not underestimate the importance of this victory dear reader. I Hate Music abides.