For Mentalists Only: Nostalgia site TV Cream’s rundown of the first 20 NOW albums. My first thought was that the greatest series of compilations in the world…ever! deserves a bit more than this finickity if comprehensive rundown, but then I realised I had no idea how I would approach the NOW series with the respect they deserve. These records are to Freaky Trigger what Blonde On Blonde and Forever Changes are to Rolling Stone, notwithstanding the fact that I don’t own any of them. (And I’m not likely to – NOW 4, the first to get a CD release, goes on eBay for over 200 quid). The flavour of this site is caught in this quote: “the only daredevil indication came in the description of Culture Club’s Victims (“Almost certain No.1 by the time you have this LP” which of course, never came true)” – how you react to that “of course” may determine what you think of the page. (Thanks Alan for the link.)