Why, Claudius? – Some Justice
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Oof, settle in, folks: this one is a doozy, representing some of the very worst alongside the very best.
The usual flash-forward does not help matters at all, from the onset. Old Clavdivs stumbles towards the communal can, clutching an oil lamp and c[…]

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Aard Labour Epilogue: Dance Of The Aardvark Catchers
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I did not intend to spend a couple of months writing almost 60,000 words about Cerebus. Honestly.

What happened was this. A reader briefly in the early 90s, I always had a vague plan that I’d finish the comic. I did, adding reviews to Goodreads […]


NELLY ft TIM McGRAW – “Over And Over”
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There are meetings between genres where creative sparks fly and new hybrid forms can be glimpsed, like undreamed-of particles in a supercollider. There are also meetings between genres which feel more like high level EU summits – whatever happe[…]

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  1. Count me as one of the people oddly affected by issue 300. Although... The thing I most remember about this…

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