During 2019:
 1 who needed just 7.69 seconds at WD18?
 2 which myopic nightwatchman fell just eight short?
 3 which Servant, having acted the part, was elected in reality?
 4 where did a spiral slide add fun to the Holy and Undivided Trinity?
 5 whose famous embrace in Times Square has been remembered 73 years later?
 6 how have the trailblazing efforts of Cyrille, Laurie and Brendon been recognised?
 7 on what did a spelling mistake appear in Edith Cowan’s maiden speech?
 8 who triumphed with paraffin, where Icarus had failed with wax?
 9 what Chrysanthemum changeover has taken place?
10 what Cambrian fruit has graduated to PDO status?

Again, apologies for the prolonged posting rate that means I ended up finishing this weeks after the official answers were published! It is meant to liven up an endless-seeming January and not make it seeming more so. If the interest hasn’t waned next year, I’ll kick it off sharpish, and SCHEDULE the posts ahead of time to appear without relying on me having to remember. Fancy.