1 where did Colonel Ross and the Inspector await the travellers?
 2 where did the duo alight when following up Cubitt’s conundrum?
 3 which little “halt-on-demand station” was used by the would-be anglers?
 4 from where in the Peak District had the prep school Principal obtained a return ticket?
 5 from where did they plan to take the 11:10 to investigate the death of the colonel of the Royal Munsters?
 6 at which small wayside station did they alight in investigating the death of the retired seal and whale fisher?
 7 from where did the messengers drive to the Russian Embassy with documents to save Alexis?
 8 in responding to Miss Hunter’s request, where was their train due to arrive at 11:30?
 9 which station was visited twice in the investigation of Sir Eustace’s death?
10 where did they change trains in deceiving the mathematician?