1 what included the Bill as part of the Rape?
 2 what is long in Britain but short across the pond?
 3 whence the destination of Commons members on resignation?
 4 what was the location of an old world strigine residence of great charm?
 5 in what did conflict between Maharashtrian refugees and the weeping willow lead to arson?
 6 what tale ended with the delivery of an unwanted porcine appendage, followed by a maternal death and a disposal by ants?
 7 what was derived from a Hessian event, and came out shortly after Jerry’s passing?
 8 what ended with a decisive Gallic victory on the banks of the Dordogne?
 9 what unique event took place at Bristol on 17th May 1895?
10 in what did two pearl fishers twice top the poll?