1 Who wrote about the polymath, Joseph Bologne?

2 Whose prestige product honours a former naval person?

3 Who progressed from Arras via Sens and Rouen to finally settle in Avignon?

4 Who was the life and soul of King’s Abbot, but was stabbed by the local GP?

5 Who added the inscription “Like this poor creatur” at the front of Miss Lee’s dictionary?

6 Who was put ashore on a Kerry beach by SM U-19, but due to a bout of Malaria was apprehended soon afterwards?

7 Who outperformed his brother Osborne and became a senior wrangler and fellow of Trinity?

8 Which gentleman of Worcestershire received a huge pike from Will Wimble?

9 Who prepared a seven-part treatise of great scholarship for Clement IV?

10 Who was accused of the murder of the Doomed Acme?