Which periodical:

1 Was found under Adrian’s bed by his mother?

2 Provided Mr Finch with a £10 prize for solving a crossword?

3 Carried the headline DIAR KNAB NI EFIL OT THGUORB EERHT?

4 Published an ode by the poet laureate to the seasonal fluctuation of its sales?

5 Described the brutal slaying of two summer visitors as they frolicked in the chill waters off the Scotch Road Beach?

6 Under the headline BRILLIANT POLICE INVESTIGATION, described a dog kennel concealing bodies in a disused well?

7 Likened the death of Tom Robinson to the senseless killing of songbirds by hunters and children?

8 Had an office which looked like a public lavatory in honest native white tile?

9 Was successfully established by the schoolmaster’s son of Kilmaclavers?

10 Was delivered by an owl at a cost of 5 Knuts?