In which tale:

1 Did Kitty Kid masquerade as Ada Mason?

2 Was the Mephistophelian host fixed by a dummy?

3 Did a showing of Not a Sparrow coincide with the running of the St Leger?

4 Was the recognition that two cousins were named Magdala crucial to the solution?

5 Did a sometime German spy masquerade as a Swede who had been killed in a train crash?

6 Did a retired judge confess all in a bottle message found by the Master of the Emma Jane?

7 Was a reading from Plato’s Phaedo recalled in the course of a posthumous exoneration?

8 Was a very dangerous Italian agitator, masquerading as an archaeologist, detained?

9 Did thirteen take revenge for the murder of a toddler?

10 Were there confusing events at 17 Regent Gate?